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For the past 10 years, Sirun has been gathering knowledge and professional experience in diverse design disciplines: set, architectural, graphic and industrial. On a day to day basis, she re-imagines and details ordinary and performative objects and spaces, covering from small to larger scale projects.
Upon moving to Phoenix, along with her partner, she started a steel fabrication company. With her being the industrial designer and him being the fabricator. From there, She was introduced to and collaborated with prominent local architects and designers, working on landscaping/architectural projects. She got involved in different phases of projects from concept to execution.
Her recent produced collaborations include ‘King Lear’ at the Walt Disney modular theater, ‘Mr. Crow’; multimedia new work at the Son of Semele theater, ‘Artificial Intelligence’; virtual reality performance at the CalArts Expo. Other collaborations postponed due to COVID include ‘The Penrose project’; multimedia new work at the Edinburgh international festival, and ‘Inner creatures’; music concert at The Herb Alpert school of Music.
For three years in Beirut, she was part of MARIAGROUP Architects & Designers’ team as a junior interior architect. She designed two scenes from Beiteddine Festival, a live visual narrative based on Kafka’s ‘Metamorphosis’.
Sirun received her BA in interior architecture from l’Academie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts and her MFA in scenic design from California Institute of the Arts.
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